• Anne

IKEA 2018 - Can you help BSG take our sewing tally to 100?

We've got 2 more sewing sessions left (how time flies when you're having fun). This is our 3rd year at the great store and we still can't believe our luck! Although we capture in picture what's going on we decided to get the children to "autograph" a sheet to let us know they were with us... we're at 58 and counting! Can you help swell the numbers? It would be great if we could top 100. It goes without saying the children are fantastic. We've had a couple of surprises from the older generation ... Tommy, encouraged by his wife Bernie, wanted a go on the machine as he's thinking of taking up sewing! He was a natural but, like Bernie said, her mother taught him how to sew! Bernie's mum used to make wedding dresses and got paid with "20 fags" a dress. The Good Old Days!

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