Our Sewing Equipment

Our fleet of Janome machines

As a standard we have 8 computerised everyday sewing machines together with 2 computerised embroidery machines.

We have 4 finishing machines, ie 2 overlockers - one set up to sew light coloured items and the other to sew darker items.  

In some instance a garment can be made using an overlocker alone, particularly using jersey/stretch materials.  Buyer beware, these machines take some serious threading!

A coverstitch is purely a finisher and is much simpler to thread.

You’ll notice that tee-shirts, hems etc are finished with this kind of machine.  It’s not necessary to own one but it is desirable.

A Janome felting machine

It’s a quick method of felting and takes away the hand working but with the same effect.

We have 2 “pre-loved” industrial machines, one overlocker and one flat bed sewing machine.  These are ideal for bigger jobs, ie making tepee’s and quilting the bedspreads that are made for fundraisers.

All machines are regularly serviced and PAT tested.