Our Funders

Warrington Charities Trust (WCT) gave us our first taste of funding to buy an unusual sewing machine and storage boxes. They’ve just awarded us another pot of money to set up this fabulous new website. Thank you!

Cheshire Community Foundation (CCF) have been supporting us since 2014 providing funds for us to replace some of our old machines and buy tables and storage. Once in our own home they’ve continued to provide funds to set us up “good and proper” to enable us to run sewing sessions in a pleasant, comfortable, safe and secure environment. With all the relevant testing, systems and insurances in place. And, for good measure, subsidised a few outings here and there for our members. Thank you!

The Steve Morgan Foundation (SMF) funded the considerable set-up costs when we moved into our new sewing room. Unlike other funding applications we’d completed this one was totally different. It started with one of many phone calls and then, only then, it went to a meeting with all of the group and just a blank A4 sheet of paper. Thank you!

We’ve received 2 lots of National Lottery funding: one lot was to celebrate the growth of our project within the community and the other pot of money was awarded to “open up FOC” our sewing room to the children in our community. Thank you!

Warrington Rotary has also been supporting us for a number of years and not just with money. Thank you!

Warrington Voluntary Action (WVA) has been pointing us in the right direction from the start of our journey. We didn’t just open a telephone directory to find these funders we had to be advised and guided to our "best fit” by WVA and still continues to provide us a fantastic all-round service. Thank you!

CCF, SMF and Warrington Rotary together with private individuals all came together at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and donated money to BSG so that we could make scrub gear for our local health care workers and more importantly keep our group operating albeit in isolation. We’re still reeling from it but the overwhelming feeling is one of satisfaction and being able, fit and well to have had the opportunity to make the much-needed gear.   Months later SMF provided yet more funds to make scrub suits for third sector organisations.  Thank you